Wall Heating Pex Pipe with Oxygen barrier 12mm x 2mm

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Wall Heating Pex Pipe with Oxygen barrier 12mm x 2mm

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Wall heating pipe in high-density polyethylene

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Further details about Wall Heating Pex Pipe with Oxygen barrier 12mm x 2mm


Wall heating pipe in high-density polyethylene, with electronic system cross linking, certified according to standards EN ISO 15875/2 and UNI 9338 and provided with an oxygen barrier in conformity with standard DIN 4726.


Underfloor heating1 wall heating systems provide a cost effective and energy efficient solution to heating most types of properties where traditional underfloor heating is unsuitable. 


System Design

Underfloor heating 1 has a dedicated free to call help line for design and technical advice.  Please call 01302 727182 to discuss your project now. Alternatively Fax 01302 728634 or email mailto:sales@underfloorheating1.co.uk your plans and we will contact you.  Please include with any correspondence your name and daytime telephone number.  


Shematic showing typical wall heating installation





Technical data


Operating pressures (bar): Cl. 1/10 bar - Cl. 2/10 bar - Cl. 4/10 bar - Cl. 5/8 bar

Oxygen permeability: < 0.1 g/m³ 24h

Density: 0.95 gr/m³3

Degree of reticulation: ≥60%

Range of use: -100 / +110 °C

Softening temperature: 135 °C

Breaking load: 18 MPa

Thermal conductivity: 0.38 W/mK

Average coefficient of linear expansion: 0.19 mm/m °C

Minimum bending radius: 5 x D pipe

Surface roughness of the inner pipe: 7 μm

Application: heating systems


Prices are for 1m maximum roll length 240m


Questions on Wall Heating Pex Pipe with Oxygen barrier 12mm x 2mm

From Don Ens on 07/05/2012

  • What are the specs of this pex pipe? ID, OD and wall thickness in mm
    Looking for thick walled pex pipe (~12mm OD and 2mm wall) suitable for native american hoop dancers. Standard pex is too flimsy. Each hoop dancer needs about 150 feet for their hoops.
    Perhaps you may direct me to supplier/manufacturer.
    Thanks! Don
  • The PEX pipe for wall heating is 12mm x 1.2mm wall thickness.

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