90 Degree Pex Pipe Support

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90 Degree Pex Pipe Support

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Bend former to guide pipes through ceilings, floors or to manifolds.

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Further details about 90 Degree Pex Pipe Support

Allows you to bend and maintain underfloor heating pex pipe in a 90 degree bend.

For example used to hold pipes in place when passing through screed underneath the manifold. Keeps the bends neat and back to the wall.

Questions on 90 Degree Pex Pipe Support

From John McHugo on 11/06/2011

  • what radius can I make a 180 degree bend. Do I need two 90 bends to do this?
  • The pipe will bend easily back on itself at 200mm.

From Jim Bourke on 28/07/2012

  • Is it made of steel or plastic?
  • They are made of plastic

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