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VarioComp – Ultra low profile, rapid action and the highest heat output of any retrofit underfloor heating system available in the UK.

Our Premium Retrofit/Overfloor underfloor heating solution is an ultra-low profile 18mm Fermacell Gypsum Fibre board system supplied with calcium sulphate filling compound and unique 100mm pipe spacing for the ultimate retrofit/overfloor system.

The boards/compound warm up creating thermal mass and produces approximately (130-155W/m²) output. Far superior and not to be confused with any EPS and/or non foiled XPS system. The highest output retrofit system available in the UK!!

Reasons to choose VarioComp Floor Heating System

  • Super slim! A Panel thickness just 18mm made from Fermacell Gypsum Fibre, far superior in performance to EPS and XPS systems.
  • The gypsum boards warm up creating thermal mass unlike EPS and XPS system which insulate the pipes.
  • Highest performance retrofit system available due to close pipe spacing of 100mm – at least 33% more pipe than any other retrofit system.
  • Energy-saving low temperature system.
  • Optimal heat transfer, pipes are fully embedded in the compact filling compound.
  • Rapid response time – comparable to radiator heat up times.
  • Can be used over any floor construction.
  • Can be used with any floor covering.
  • Suitable for boilers, heat pumps etc.
Full systems starting
FROM £ 45
per m2
Inc. manifold, controls, pump pack etc.

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