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We often get asked the question, “….how much is it per m²?”

It is difficult to give an accurate answer without specifying the system to the exact requirements of each individual, for example:

Our 1 port kit (£299.97+vat with thermostat) will cover:

  • 20m² with 200mm pipe spacing
  • 15m² with 150mm pipe spacing
  • Or 10m² with 100mm pipe spacing (which is often used for conservatories, heat pump use etc.)

So from this one kit, there would be 3 answers, £15.25/m², £20.33/m² or £30.50/m²!

As another example our 12 port 1200mm kit (£1,312.04+vat without thermostats) will cover:

  • 240m² with 200mm pipe spacing
  • 175m² with 150mm pipe spacing
  • Or 120m² with 100mm pipe spacing (often used for conservatories, heat pump use etc)

So from this one kit would be 3 answers, £5.47/m², £7.50/m² or £10.93/m² -as you can see, a huge difference in price per m² from the small kit, regardless of the pipe spacing.

In addition to these differences, the thermostats and associated controls make a huge difference. For example:

Using the 12 port-1200mm kit, with one thermostat, controlling the whole area with a junction box, would be approx £45. However this is unlikely to be adopted in most homes and on average we would expect 6 thermostats, plus a wiring centre, plus 12 actuators adding around £450 to the total or around £3-5 per m². Smart phone compatible thermostats obviously add more to the price.

So what's the conclusion?

The answer is we can give an estimate of price per m² and it’s from £5-£30 per m², quite a difference!

If any company can confidently give a price per m² without plans, they’re probably guessing!

It’s always best to email your plans to us at and we’ll give a definitive answer.


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