Single Room Thermostatic Valve Kit

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Single Room Thermostatic Valve Kit

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Underfloor heating1 FHV-R self-acting thermostatic return temperature control valves are ideally suited to the temperature control of individual under floor heated rooms (max.15m2) for systems using floor heating in conjunction with radiators

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We have a range of additional optional extras which are suited for your kits for purchase.

  • Grip Rails Self-adhesive/clip down plastic clip rail for fixing UFH pipes to help keep pipe spacing even, use 1 - 1.5 per m2'. Rail is compatible with 14mm/15mm/16mm/17mm/18mm pipes.
  • Pipe Cutter Pipe cutters for 10mm - 22mm plastic pipes

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Further details about Single Room Thermostatic Valve Kit

Underfloor heating1 control valve provides temperature control of underfloor heating circuits, using a return temperature limiting valve fitted with a sensor element. The heated floor area should not be greater than 15m2


Used in systems which are predominately heated by radiators (normal flow and return temperatures 80/70oC) and where underfloor heating represents a small part of the system, this pack is ideal for example a single room, conservatory or extension.

Ideal when easy DIY installation and operation is required

Set includes:

  • Wall enclosure box, cover and valve (return temperature limiter) and sensor element to control the return temperature
  • 100m x 16mm MLCP PE-X al PE-X WRAS approved CE ISO 9001:2008 Heating / Hot & Cold Service / max 10bar /40°C – 95°C
  • 2 x 16mm compression fittings
  • 12m of edge insulation
  • 2m of pipe conduit
  • 200 staples (to fix pipe to floor insulation)
  • 2 x 24 x 19 x 1/2" bsp female straight 16mm pipe connectors to facilitate connection to your existing central heating system (requires 2 x 1/2" bsp - 15mm or 22mm fittings not supplied)
  • Instructions

Please note for clarity not all the parts supplied with this kit are shown in photo

Questions on Single Room Thermostatic Valve Kit

From Ben Rush on 25/02/2011

  • What is the difference between the thermostatic valve kit and the pumped single room kit?
  • The pumped single room kit can have its own stat and can be controlled independently
    from the rest of your system. The thermostatic valve kit is basically like an additional
    radiator and would come on and off with the radiators.

From Martin on 30/03/2011

  • do you need an additional pump on just the underfloor part this part of the system?
  • No, you would not need an additional pump with this kit.

From John on 14/06/2011

  • What material is the screed and how thick? Is it laid over and around the pipes on top of the insulation?
  • The recommended screed depth is 75mm, this is a traditional floor screed (sand and cement mix).

From Michael on 20/06/2011

  • i would like to heat a room 30M2 can i run 2 single room kits in tandem
  • You would have to use the 2 port system. Your boiler pump would not be able to cope with 200m of pipe and all your rads.

From Chris on 09/07/2011

  • can you bleed the system through the thermastatic valve?
  • You would bleed the system through the valve. It has a bleed point.

From Peter Barnes on 09/08/2011

  • you recommend a screed of 75mm,currently I have room for 63mm would this be sufficient.
  • We recommed 75mm, but the minimum is 65mm for a dry traditional screed. The 63mm should be fine but I would check with your screeder. A pumped screed can be as low as 50mm.

From John on 24/10/2011

  • Does the thermostat just control the water temperature or does it control the room temperature?
  • The thermostatic valve controls the water temperature.

From Patrick Robertson on 10/11/2011

  • Is it suitable for suspended floors?
  • The kit can be installed on suspended floors. If you click on the link next to the image above you can download the installation manual which shows you the different floor constructions.

From Tom on 23/11/2011

  • Can you lay standard laminate floor over this system?
  • Usually a standard laminate is fine. I would double check with the laminate supplier though.

From Howard on 03/12/2011

  • can this pipework be layed into a concrete floor ie conventional ballast cement mix
  • As long as no sharp stones are used it can be fit into concrete.

From Barry on 11/12/2011

  • Can this pack be used (without additional items) in a 4m x 3,5m conservatory which will have a suspended floor? I intend to run it from my existing central heating system (condensing boiler).
  • We usually recommend installing the pipes in a Conservatory at 100mm pipe centres, as a Conservatory has a bigger heat loss than a normal room. A 2 port 150m kit would be better suited.

From Howard on 17/12/2011

  • can the wet pipework be run under concrete rather than conventional floor screed
  • Yes it can, but make sure no sharp stones are used as they could press against the pipe.

From Martin on 27/12/2011

  • I wish to lay in an existing screeded floor. Can you easily cut out the piping pattern in the screed and lay the pipes?
  • Cutting into the screed can be very difficult, but I have dealt with people who have done it. If you have insulation in the subfloor you could get away with it, but if not I wouldn't bother with wet UFH.

From Gordon on 03/02/2012

  • Can this be used as a retro fit to an older property (under the floor boards staple up install )
  • Yes it can be fit between floor joists on a foil backed insulation.

From Colin on 15/02/2012

  • I have raised the floor level in our conservatory by (150mm approx) with timber joists and have decided (post completion!) to install UFH. The laminate floor states warm water heating not electric and we have reduced the number of rads in the room from 2 to 1. Can I install this kit onto the redundant radiator pipes and install the UFH pipes on aluminium spreader plates sat on insulation within the timber joists ie. without a floor screed?
  • This kit can be fit onto the radiator circuit or have its own direct feed. I can email pipework drawings of each option.

From Jerry on 19/02/2012

  • can i use the basic thermostatic room pack for an extension of 15 sq mtrs with 3 outside walls and a vaulted ceiling approx 2.8 mtrs high?

    the screeded floor and cavirty walls are insulated to latest regs

    will it provide enough heat ?
  • The kit would be fine if the outside walls are brick and not glazed or double doors. If it is a Conservatory you would be better going for the pumped single room kit and putting the pipe centres closer together.

From Ben on 29/05/2012

  • Does the pipework need to be in a screed or can you just lay this under your floorboards on top of high density insulation?
  • You could lay it on insulation without screed if it is a joisted or has floor batterns. It wouldn't be possible to put a wooden floor directly ontop of the pipes.

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