PE-RT Underfloor Heating Kit 2 Port x 200m

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PE-RT Underfloor Heating Kit 2 Port x 200m

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Underfloor heating1 thermostatic blending valve with circulating pump are ideally suited to the temperature control of individual under floor heated rooms (max. 40m2)

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Additional electrical options for purchase with our kits. For other model stats or 12v networked stats please contact us.

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Further details about PE-RT Underfloor Heating Kit 2 Port x 200m

Underfloor heating1 2 port 200m kit - floor coverage should not exceed 40m2.

Set includes:

  • 2 Port stainless steel manifold – made in Germany – includes filling & drain points, flow & return temperature gauges plus isolation valves
  • 22mm Blending valve (Inta Tec or Reliance Water Controls)
  • EuP specification A rated modulating circulating pump
  • 50m of edge insulation
  • 2m of pipe conduit
  • 400 staples (to fix pipe to floor insulation)
  • 200m x 16mm PE-RT UFH pipe (5 layer with oxygen barrier)
  • Kit coverage - 40m2 @ 200mm pipe centres, 30m2 @ 150mm pipe centres or20m2 @ 100mm pipe centres,
  • Brass pump and compression 22mm pipe unions
  • Installation Manual

Please note for clarity not all the parts supplied with this kit are shown in photo.

Questions on PE-RT Underfloor Heating Kit 2 Port x 200m

From Max on 17/04/2011

  • can i use a normal sand and cement 50mm screed for the wet underfloor heating on top of insulation?
  • The mimimum screed depth required is 65mm, 75mm is recommended.

From Max on 17/04/2011

  • on top of insulation and wet underfoor heating can i use a normal 50mm sand and cement screed? Can the heating system be run of an lpg boiler and solar? What is the power requirement of the circulating pump?
  • The UFH system can be run off of an LPG boiler. The mimimum screed depth required is 65mm.

From Nick on 31/07/2011

  • Would I need 1 or 2 thermostats to be added to an order for this product?
  • If you want to control it as 1 zone, you would have 1 stat.
    You can control it with 2 x stats if you want to control 2 areas
    differently, but then you would also need a Danfoss wiring centre.

From Alan on 09/08/2011

  • Is this suitable for use with a combi-boiler with an integrated pump inside the boiler casing i.e. there is no way of taking a feed off the boiler to the UFH before the existing central heating pump (which is a Grunndfos Alpha).
  • It can be used with a combi boiler. If you have rads and UFH you would zone the 2 sections with 2 x 2 port zone valves to seperate them.

From Paul on 25/10/2011

  • I want to install Underfloor heating in a new extension with two rooms. One room is 15m2 the other is only half that. The first room is a living room the second a utility room. I assume I will require a 2 Port 100m kit, but what else will I need to fully install this solution.
  • You would need a 2 port 150m. If you wanted to have 2 x zones you would also need 2 x actuators, 1 x Danfoss wiring centre and 2 x PRT room stats. If 1 x zone you would only need 1 x PRT stat and 1 x Honeywell junction box.

From Phil on 08/11/2011

  • Does it have to be screened over or can you put wood floor on top
  • The kit can be installed on suspended floors. If you go onto the kit you can download the installation manual which shows you the different floor constructions.

From Adam on 26/02/2012

  • Hi do the ufh kits (2port kit) come with the membrane that goes down after insulation? Thankyou adam
  • No, we do not supply a membrane with the kits. You would get this from a local builders merchants.

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